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The Idiots Guide to Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade

The Idiot's Guide to Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade The One Thing to Do for Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade The purpose of the expository essay is to expand the info on the subject in a logical way. Expository essays offer more thorough understanding of a particular topic. The thesis of the expository essay ought to be based on factual information which will be displayed in the body of the essay. The expository essay definition could possibly be complemented with a few features. Pick the one which you liek to compose an ideal expository essay! This may be one of the greatest in Expository essay topics. To begin with, you should secure the significance of the expository essay definition and select the topic you understand well or at least find it interesting to find out more about. Attempt to include three or more details in your expository essay. Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade Options If you wrtiing a three 5th gradewhile you're drafting your grade you will likely will need to 5th back to a number of the references you. If you are searching for 3rd Grade Expository Writing Samples you've come to the proper location. To start with, it's essential to comprehend what it is about. Essay writing provides plenty of benefits to students in the academe. Starting off with a considerable occurrence, discovery, or study will provide you with more points in factual research too. Explain why it's essential for students to understand how to do math. As s tudents learn how to read, they need to learn how to recognize different text structures in order that they can predict what kind of information is included. Top Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade Secrets Introduction essay paragraphs are central in any bit of writing for the reason they give readers advance details about the content and the intention behind the material. An essay must be clear and unbiased. Ideally, expository essays attempt to pass details about a specific component, all the ideas about the stated aspect have to get tied together. While an expository essay ought to be clear and concise, it may also be lively and engaging. Finding Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade Online If you're going to compose an expository essay, be ready to devote much time hitting books. Additionally, there are times when you truly feel like you don't need to write something. There may be plenty of things you would like to discuss, but in the long run, there's a need to ac quire right to the point. From its name, you can guess you should have a crystal clear picture of a specific thing as a way to supply your reader with a crystal clear and concise explanation. The purpose of any expository writing is to reveal the characteristics of notions indicated in the subject. The majority of the moment, expository essays are presented by offering a selection of topics and methods to bring up the idea. When you are in possession of a well-formulated topic, it's a half success of your final writing. Before starting writing, take time and develop your ideas before settling on a topic. It's basically important to make sure ideas discussed in the paper follow some purchase and logic for the audience to attach through such and make it simpler for them to comprehend. You will never know, you might wind up contradicting yourself whether you didn't start looking into your sources carefully. Explain the importance of the claim in regards to the general argument. Top Choices of Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade Let's look at some examples. Also, it's very beneficial to create a graphic organizer for support. Presenting information within this manner helps students hold each bit of data in their short-term memory. It is possible to consist of information based on your own personal life findings, but nevertheless, it shouldn't be the sole source. The Pain of Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade Describe several matters you would search for in your ideal high school. Explain why it matters to your loved ones and the way you do the tradition. Describe how you w ould handle a very good friend who's angry with you. If you're more on the conservative end, nor wish to enable your children to date for some time, let them express their feelings openly with you. The Little-Known Secrets to Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade Explain why some students are made to leave school as soon as they are sixteen. Each writing workshop starts with a mini lesson regarding the genre they're currently studying, but students are extremely rarely extended a prompt. Finding out how to compose an essay introduction may appear the ideal start for virtually any student who is fighting with his academic job. Third grade is frequently the year when students first start to experiment with structured writing, including the expository essay. What Is So Fascinating About Expository Essay Samples for 3rd Grade? Focus on your language as it ought to be eerror-free Imagine your essay is a precious stone and produce all its faces shine using an easily readable and unique language. Explain what sorts of feelings you get. In school, it's an unavoidable truth that you are going to be requested to write something about a topic which sometimes you're so eager to finish. Explain the effect of this sort of technology with an eye toward its advantages and disadvantages concerning people's lives. It's relative to the simple fact that, it's the expository essay thesis statement which offers guidance when writing the remaining portion of the paper. A good thesis statement results in a good essay. If you're in the fifth grade and you've got an essay that's due these are a number of top terrific ideas that may allow you to compose a really excellent paper. Essays term papers dissertations and a lot more.

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Mother to Son and the Coora Flower a Poetry Analysis

Mother to Son and The Coora Flower: A Poetry Analysis In poetry, more so than any other form of literature, understanding sound, meaning and theme are key to understanding the work itself. In the case of the poems â€Å"Mother to Son† by Langston Hughes and â€Å"The Coora Flower† by Gwendolyn Brooks these elements, when heavily focused upon, allow the reader to discover the message that these writers were attempting to convey. Thought both writers use these elements to their fullest to communicate their respective messages, the method and messages vary greatly. In the poem Mother to Son, Hughes tells the tale of a mother speaking to her son about life and the hardships that one must face to make it in the world. Hughes uses extended metaphor to†¦show more content†¦Brooks also relies heavily on nuances within the structure and language to establish the message. The stanzas that contain information about school are longer and articulate. The lines flow and are inviting. When the lines about reality are read they are short, cold and very deliberate; they give a sense of rigidity. The language is very direct and in some case demanding â€Å"I must†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . All stanzas about what’s â€Å"real† are two lines long while the ones that focus on school are four lines long. The statements toward school came off as being very cynical to me. â€Å"It was restful, learning nothing necessary†¦ At least you can sleep†, the use of â€Å"at least† in these lines and the line that follows are what created the cynicism for me. It seemed as if she didn’t respect what went on in school because it wasn’t the harshness of her everyday life. Capitalization is something that caught my attention. The word â€Å"Real† always has the first letter capitalized, which to me established a mood of seriousness within the statements that contained it. I feel this is true the second use of â€Å"Coming Home† and â€Å"Man† in line fourteen. The capitalization on these words was carefully chosen to continue facilitating the theme and meaning. There is one line in this poem that caught my attention and required me to reread repeatedly to get what she truly meant that line is â€Å"which is not free from grief†. At first I thought it was just in reference to the previous line

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Social Care Reflection Paper - 1406 Words

I have worked at the same job for 4 years and only until about a year ago I built up the courage to ask for a raise that I was rightfully allowed to obtain years ago. This relates to dependencies and the unequal power struggle within men and women, and that women are encouraged to be passive instead of rebelling (Dean, 2012, p.9). In regards to care-giving, as I mentioned before I have a 7 year old sister. The cost of daycare and after school programs is quite expensive, and my family relies on the help of family and friends instead. I personally enjoyed my time spent with my grandmother growing up, and I also enjoy the time I spend with my sister when I take care of her. I pick her up at least once a CRITICAL REFLECTION PAPER†¦show more content†¦This in turn affects ECE wages and working conditions, as they are under paid and under valued for the work that they do. Historically, child care was compared to orphanages for children whose mothers were placed into the work force mostly due to being widowed (Friendly, 2009, p.3). Instead of it being seen as the high quality care and education it is, it is rather seen as a form of â€Å"babysitting†. This unfortunately impacts my decision to be involved in Early childhood care, largely due to the pay. ECE workers are experiencing capability deprivation, as they are being undermined for their work and do not receive the income that they deserve. (Dean, 2012, p.11). In my own personal experience at Early Childhood CRITICAL REFLECTION PAPER 5 Centres I know how consuming and exhausting it is to care for the children and find it shocking that people still have false ideologies of the career and do not take it seriously. These ideologies are a product of the social-conservative party s beliefs about child care, and the notion that it is the families fault if they are not able to care for their own children, not the government s. In 2006, Harper lead a campaign that introduced a $1,200 taxable annual allowance, for children up to five years of age (Friendly, 2009, p.16). This means that families received $100 a month to help pay for their child-care, which is notShow MoreRelatedThe United Kingdom s National Health Service Essay1022 Words   |  5 Pagesorganizational learning just to mention a few. The United Kingdom’s National Health Service is an organization that primarily helps citizens be in charge of their health care. The group started with the principles that quality healthcare should be available to all rega rdless of their social status, in this event, easy access to health care. NHS has over 64 million people enrolled and deals with over 1 million patients every 36 hours. The organization employs over 1.6 million employees who make it amongRead MoreA Brief Note On Legislation And When The National Health Service ( Nhs ) Essay966 Words   |  4 Pages In 1942 Sir William Beveridge unveiled the Welfare Foundations, the plan offered care to all from birth through to death. The NHS was established as a result of the 1944 White Paper. The 1946 NHS Act came into effect on the 5th July 1948, and was founded by Health Secretary Aneurin Bevan. Read MoreGenuine Reflection Paper1050 Words   |  5 PagesReflection is more than considering how we carried out a nursing action. Genuine refle ction requires us not just to provide justifications for our behaviors, but to continue to study and appraise ourselves and own personal development including how we communicate and interact with others. Self-reflection ensures we carry out our nursing obligations according to the requirements of our practice and that we connect and consider our patients and coworkers in a caring way (Jacobs, 2016). Nurses alsoRead MoreHealth Care Reflection742 Words   |  3 PagesHealth Care Marketing Reflection Christine Cazares HCS/539 April 4, 2016 Andrea Linder Health Care Marketing Reflection In recent years, hospitals have relied on marketing strategies through newspapers, letters, or television. Currently, the new word of mouth is social media on how organizations such as hospitals, spread the word. This paper will examine the current health care marketing techniques used for social media. Included in this will be how the marketing is usedRead MorePast, Present, and Future: Personal Statement1827 Words   |  7 PagesPast, Present, Future Paper Past, Present, Future Paper Introduction The goal of this essay is to be able to give a reflection on ones professional and personal lives throughout his or her program study at their college of choice. In this paper I will go back and give a full reflection on ones development despite the fact looking at the effects of finishing up the degree program of future and current professional objectives. In this paper, I will argue ones interpretations of learning, effectsRead MoreHealth Care : Social Work Essay1161 Words   |  5 PagesThis paper will focus on what health care; social work is. It will also discuss my personal self-reflection on how I will prepare to work with individuals, families, and communities affected by disease, illness and public health issues. Lastly a brief self- appraisal of my skills will be processed along with my hope to assist individuals, families and communities in a healthcare context. To introduce what health care, social work, is it’s important to examine it from a historical standpoint. DueRead MoreReflection Paper On Schizophrenia And Bi Polar Disorder954 Words   |  4 PagesReflection Paper on Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Disorder Guest Speaker Overview I was highly interested in the topic of schizophrenia that the guest speaker gave her presentation on during our, The Helping Profession in Health Care Settings class. Debra Wuichet is a License Clinical Social Worker and is the Director of Social Services at the North Mississippi State Hospital. As the Director of the State Hospital her duties consist of intake assessments and exit planning for the patients. I haveRead MoreHow A Newly Graduated Physiotherapist Can Prepare For Employment Using Self Analysis1126 Words   |  5 Pagesin relation to the greater paradigms of development and clinical knowledge. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy [CSP] (2013) clinical supervision guidelines promote the benefit of clinical supervision for new graduates in adhering to Health and Care Professionals Council [HCPC] (2012) expectations of improving professional development and profiling evidence. There are differences in supervision, development opportunities and senior support for newly qualified physiotherapists in the National HealthRead MoreStr 581 Ethics Reflection Paper1378 Words   |  6 PagesRunning head: Ethics Reflection Paper Ethics Reflection Paper University of Phoenix |Content |General Comments | |The paper explains the role of ethics and |The key elements of the assignment are covered in a substantive way. The content of your | |social responsibility in developing a |write up is comprehensive, accurate, and persuasive. The conclusion is logicalRead MorePersonal Reflection On The Social Work Profession847 Words   |  4 PagesMy paper is a personal reflection on my understanding of the social work profession, as I get ready for my field placement. I will reflect on my evolving sense of professional identity, and will discuss my growth in terms of self-awareness. I will further deliberate about my knowledge of the Social Work profession. My current understanding of the profession, and activities, tasks and roles that I may undertake in a placement situation The Social Work profession in Ontario is a complete, accredited

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Hardware Implementation of Intelligent Temperature Control System

Question: Explain about the Hardware Implementation of Intelligent Temperature Control System? Answer: State Diagram Modelling of temperature control system The control systems of a house usually consist of a thermostat, which measures the room temperature, and compare the temperature with the set value by the user. If the measured temperature of the house falls from the desired set temperature, the thermostat send a signal to the heating sub-station to initiate the heating process. The heating device increases the air temperature of the house to balance the control system. Similarly, if the thermostat measures the temperature, which is higher than the set value, the thermostat sends a signal to stop the heating system. In order to balance the temperature of the house to the set value by the user, the thermostats initialise the cooling sub system to lower down the temperature. It is an automatic management of the temperature in a house (Bharadwaj and Das, 2012). The state diagram of the temperature control system represents a linear path starting with a control signal or set point temperature by the user. The thermostat controller or a sensor measures the temperature, which receives signal from controller error. Considering the forward path, there are certain logic according to strategies which control the system of heating and cooling process of the devices. This temperature control system is a closed loop system. In the system, feedback signal closes the loop. The system is operating continuously in a closed loop and the controller to have effective output reduces the error in temperature (Cao, Ye and Li, 2015). Behaviour of a thermostat Multi-view model of an organization The process of modelling is very difficult for a complex system to conclude in a single model. The multi-view modelling is a process where different aspects of the complex organised system are captured by different methodologies or views. The consistency of an organised system is hampered by the different views of the process and overlap degree causes a unbalanced structure. Therefore, it is very essential to instantiate the overall framework to eliminate the basic problems in multi-view modelling. The process of modelling within a abstract formal structure requires a finite-state process of setting and key verification of the problems. For a complex detailing structure, the designing and modelling team mainly deals with the incomplete and partial information of the system. It is easier for the team to manage the system separately. In this context, grouping option in a multi-view model helps to manage the element easily and effectively. With the development of complex computer and or ganisation, system has initiated different modelling tools to simplify the structure according to the complexity by adopting different techniques like visualisation and specialisation functionality. The developed structure of the model decomposed into different views consistent. This grouping choice helps in suitable visualisation, which is essential for applicability and stability (Magnor et al., n.d.) References Bharadwaj, D. and Das, L. (2012).Hardware Implementation Of Intelligent Temperature Control System. Saarbrucken: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Cao, J., Ye, Q. and Li, P. (2015). Resistance Furnace Temperature Control System Based on OPC and MATLAB.Measurement and Control, 48(2), pp.60-64. Chowdhry, B. (2012).Emerging trends and applications in information communication technologies. Berlin: Springer. Magnor, M., Grau, O., Sorkine-Hornung, O. and Theobalt, C. (n.d.).Digital representations of the real world.

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AFRICOM Airpower Challenges One Flew over the Arab Spring Nest. The US on Air Operations in Libya

Abstract The period of the Arab Spring was, doubtlessly, one of those events that shape the world history.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on AFRICOM Airpower Challenges: One Flew over the Arab Spring Nest. The US on Air Operations in Libya specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Followed by massive outbursts of violence and aggression, revolts in Libya had clearly gone completely out of control by the time that the world’s most powerful states could possibly do anything about it. Therefore, the situation concerning the revolt in Libya, as well as numerous terrorist acts arranged by the Libyan rebels, required urgent regulation. Consequently, the assistance provided by the American Air Forces was more than welcome by the European states. However, because of the breach of the U.S. Air Force Code of Ethics, which dictated that no actions of the air force crew should affect civilians, the measures undertaken b y the U.S. military was considered inhumane and unnecessarily violent. In a retrospective, it might seem that some of the actions taken by the members of the U.S. Air Force, as well as the commands given by the commanders, could have been less aggressive. There is no reason to deny that a number of things should have been done differently when addressing the problem of the Libyan revolt, especially concerning the actions of the military towards the citizens. Still, despite the fact that the U.S. Air Force has been accused of being too harsh on the Libyan citizens and breaking the Code of Ethics, which states that no civilians should be harmed in the process of revolt regulation, the decisions made by the U.S. Air Force commanders can still be justified.Advertising Looking for research paper on international relations? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More By taking a closer look at the events of the Arab Spring and evaluating the co nsequences, one can draw a number of important lessons regarding ethics and military regulations of revolts. AFRICOM Airpower Challenges: One Flew over the Arab Spring Nest. The US on Air Operations in Libya Introduction The idea of protecting the Libyan population from the turmoil of the Arab Spring was definitely reasonable. However, it is worth keeping in mind that the U.S. AFRICOM faced a number of challenges when providing its assistance to the Libyan population. Ranging from strategic to ethical, these concerns demanded urgent solutions, the latter predetermining the fate of the Libyan nation. If AFRICOM had paced the actions of the U.S. Air Forces in Libya more carefully, it would have avoided the accusations of the breach of the U.S. Air Force Doctrine ethics, as well as ethical norms adopted in Europe. First Challenge: Kinetic Targeting vs. Non-Kinetic Targeting Since, according to the Air Force Doctrine Document 3-0 9 November 2012, â€Å"Commanders employ lethal and nonl ethal means, through kinetic and non-kinetic actions to create desired effects†1, it was necessary to come up with the strategy that allowed for attacking only the people who posed a threat to the well-being of the civilians and at the same time avoiding harming the latter. Indeed, when analyzing the critique of the endeavors of the American Air Forces in regulating the political issues within Libya, one may notice that the claim of the U.S. Air Forces being unnecessary cruel to the civil population of the state are quite recurrent. True, the AFRICOM organization was to face the dilemma of either being called unnecessarily violent for attacking both rebels and civilians, or providing inefficient help to the Libyan population, therefore, making the situation regarding the rebellion even more drastic. In a retrospective, one could argue that taking such drastic actions as kinetic targeting was the only possible way of quelling the riot.Advertising We will write a custom res earch paper sample on AFRICOM Airpower Challenges: One Flew over the Arab Spring Nest. The US on Air Operations in Libya specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More However, it was obvious that, from an ethical point of view, the U.S. Air Force and the AFRICOM did not handle the challenge of attacking solely the sources of conflict without hurting the civilians. Second Challenge: Collateral Damage. Between Scylla and Charybdis Stemming from the previous concern, the possibility of collateral damage as a result of the increase in civilians’ aggression was also to be prevented by the AFRICOM. According to the existing code of the AFRICOM organization, in the process of an operation, the possibility of a collateral damage must be driven to zero, which the AFRICOM officials clearly failed to carry out. As the Joint Operation Planning guide says, it is the concern of the commander of the plane, as well as the staff, to â€Å"determine how to maximize combat power against the enemy while protecting the friendly forces and minimizing collateral damage†2. Again, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that the AFRICOM was in a no-win situation: if the U.S. air forces focused on striking down the rebellions, the process would have taken too much time for the operation to be carried out successfully; more likely, by the time that the U.S. had located the headquarters of the rebellions, the latter would have succeeded with the revolution, probably, killing even more innocent people in the process. If the U.S. Air Forces had attacked the entire state without even taking the political convictions of their targets into account, the world community, as well as Libya, would have called them barbarians, who should have known better than intruding the political issues of another state. Therefore, even though the actions of the AFRICOM should have been more subtle, at present, the policy adopted by the U.S. Air Force seems rather legitimate.Advertising Looking for research paper on international relations? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Third Challenge: Molding an Efficient Command Policy As the recent records show, AFRICOM clearly lacked a well structured command policy3. As a result, when the necessity to maintain command policy in Libya appeared, AFRICOM had to come up with a new one within a relatively short amount of time. With the lack of cultural understanding of the Libyan conflict, AFRICOM had very little chances for success in creating a brand new and nonetheless efficient command policy on the spot. There is no need to stress the significance of a command policy that has been planned ahead and, therefore, can provide several strategies depending on the outcomes of the actions that were taken previously. Without a decent basis, a command policy cannot possibly exist, which the case of the on-air operations on Libya, which the U.S. undertook, has proven. Analyzing the situation created by AFRICOM, one can hardly spot the point at which it became obvious that the command policy needed reconsideration. While at the start of the operation, Locklear specified that the course of the future actions had been designed properly: Locklear said one of the first things he did was obtain copies of the US Joint Forces Command â€Å"Joint Task Force Commanders Handbook† and give them to his component commanders so that they would understand their roles and responsibilities and how the force would be structured and organized4, the further commentaries on the actions that the American Air Forces carried out in Libya pointed at the necessity to use the OPCON relationship5. Seeing how the U.S. could have agreed with the OPCON concerning the future cooperation in Libya in advance, the command policy clearly left much to be desired. Analysis: Facing the Challenges. When the Big Game Starts Although the U.S. Air Forces could have done much better in their on-air operations on Libya, the given case provides the foil for crafting more efficient strategies for providing political assistance to the sta tes that need it, e.g., Syria. In a retrospective, the issue regarding the attacks on the civilians seems the most dubious aspect of the AFRICOM Air Forces performance. Taking a look back at the strategies that the U.S. Air Forces adopted towards the protection of the Libyan population and the ones that were supposed to make the enemy surrender, one must admit that these strategies could be better thought out6. Either for the lack of time, or care, the U.S. Air Forces attacked a number of civilians along with their actual targets, which could have been avoided, had the AFRICOM suggested a more elaborate strategy of taking the rebels down. Given the technological possibilities, the key rebels locations, along with the rebel headquarters, could have been attacked, which would have made the rebels less enthusiastic about the further terrorist acts. Thus, the lives of a number of civilians would have been spared. It is also remarkable that the command policy, which is traditionally desi gned with a careful consideration of the tiniest obstacles that may possibly appear in the way of the people performing the military operations, was more than flawed. As the existing pieces of evidence show, the command policies clearly lacked clarity and coherency; in fact, command policies for the Libya operations were half-baked, with little understanding of the cultural and political specifics of the setting: â€Å"Guidance from the White House and DOD was confusing†7, as Libya: Operation ODYSSEY DAWN (OOD) Executive Summary reports. Hence, it can be assumed that, on the one hand, the U.S. is to blame for the inconsistencies in the policy adopted for the operation. On the other hand, it still must be admitted that, with the deficiency of information for further actions, the U.S. Air Forces managed to carry out the operation with a relative success8. Conclusion Despite the fact that the US on air operations in Libya were admittedly harsh and affected not only the rebels, b ut also the civilians, with around 4,000 people falling prey to the incautious actions of the AFRICOM air forces, the results were quite satisfying. While the Operation Odyssey Dawn was far from perfect, it can be used as a lesson to learn when providing similar assistance to Syria9. Claiming that the operations that were carried out in Syria by the U.S. Air Force were impeccable would mean making too big a stretch – after all, the world community has pointed at the obvious lack of humanity in the actions of the U.S. Air Force. AFRICOM should have paced the strategy of the U.S. Air Forces in Libya more carefully, as well as address the issue of kinetic and non-kinetic targeting. With a more elaborate strategy and the attacks of the center of aggression instead of blind attacks across the state, AFRICOM would not have been judged for the lack of ethics in the Arab Spring operation. Reference List AFRICOM and the Recolonization of Africa. 2012, Aug. 2. http://www.africanglobe.n et/featured/africom-recolonisation-africa-read-article/. Air Force Doctrine Document 3-0 9 November 2012. Washington, DC: Joint Publications 3-0, 2012. Garamone, Jim. Africa Command Learns from Libya Operations. 2011, Sep.15. http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=65344. Joint Operation Planning. Annapolis, MD: U.S. Navy Publications, 2011. Libya: Operation ODYSSEY DAWN (OOD) Executive Summary. Suffolk, VA: JCOA, 2011. Miles, Donna. Africom Forms Military Relationships with Libya. 2012, June 15. http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=116756. Stevenson, Jonathan. AFRICOM’s Libyan Expedition. 2011, May 9. http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/67844/jonathan-stevenson/africoms-libyan-expedition. Footnotes 1 Air Force Doctrine Document 3-0 9 November 2012 (Washington, DC: Joint Publications 3-0, 2012), 18. 2 Joint Operation Planning (Annapolis, MD: U.S. Navy Publications, 2011), IV-29. 3 AFRICOM and the Recolonization of Africa (2012, Aug. 2), http://www.africa nglobe.net/featured/africom-recolonisation-africa-read-article/ . 4 Libya: Operation ODYSSEY DAWN (OOD) Executive Summary (Suffolk, VA: JCOA, 2011), 3. 5 Joint Operation Planning (Annapolis, MD: U.S. Navy Publications, 2011), 24. 6 Jonathan Stevenson, AFRICOM’s Libyan Expedition (2011, May 9), http://www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/67844/jonathan-stevenson/africoms-libyan-expedition (). 7 Libya: Operation ODYSSEY DAWN (OOD) Executive Summary (Suffolk, VA: JCOA, 2011), 15. 8 Jim Garamone, Africa Command Learns from Libya Operations, 2011, Sep.15, http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=65344 . 9 Donna Miles, Africom Forms Military Relationships with Libya, 2012, June 15, http://www.defense.gov/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=116756 . This research paper on AFRICOM Airpower Challenges: One Flew over the Arab Spring Nest. The US on Air Operations in Libya was written and submitted by user Lindsey Goff to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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The Mountain Expedition

The Mountain Expedition The Mountain Expedition This is going to be awesome! I thought grabbing my jacket and heading to the door. Come on guys, we are going to be late! my dad shouted. Will be down in a minute dad, my younger brother Ali said. It was finally Saturday 28th June last year. My dad and my younger brother had planned for this day for months. It was the day we were going to hike up Mt.Kenya for the first time. I had been bragging to my friends online about it since we arrived in Kenya for our annual vacation. We had everything needed for the hike up the tough mountain. We were on a 3 weeks holiday in Kenya and this was part of our itinerary. It was said to be the God Mountain by the locals because its the only Mountain on the equator to have snow on its peaks. Okay guys, this is going to be a tough one but we will take it slow. Our guide, James said as we entered the forest. I always wondered what it would be like to experience a real jungle and here with us was on. Trees, as high as 20 meters, stood on each side of the track. Birds flew happily around this magnificent forest. There was elephant dung all over the track. At some point, I wished they would appear from the bamboo thickets for us to see. But I was also afraid of meeting untamed elephants, unlike the tamed ones in the zoo back home. Hey Abdy, look down at that scene my dad said. Wow! I exclaimed. The plains below looked very beautiful. The track behind us meandered its way downhill and we could see the base town far behind it. I thought the people down there didnt know what they were missing. Grab your rain jackets everyone. The storm is approaching. James advised. He did not seem to be afraid of the downpour that fall on us. I cursed and almost wished I hadnt taken the hike. The rain was so cold, almost ice cold. Maybe the locals are doing great down there than we are I thought. After about an hour of ice-cold rain and mud, we reached the first camp, Met Station. It is short for Meteorological Station for the mountain and the surrounding areas. We were so cold I could only think of lighting a fire. Too bad Hajji, Fires are not allowed in the park. James pointed out. Youve got to be kidding!! I said. We had no option other than light our stoves, prepare dinner and slip into our sleeping bags in our tents. We were all so tired from the trek we slept almost immediately. About 6 hours said James, answering my dad about how long it was going to take us to the next camp. It was the second day and the sun was up and shining. I thought this was going to be better than the previous day, at least it seemed. The vegetation was changing as we continued to hike uphill. We had cleared off the forest and bamboo zone and now there was elephant tussock and lobelia everywhere. Well its not by my knowledge I knew that, I asked James of course. We could now see the ice-capped peaks from about 3750 meters above sea level, according to the altimeter we had. They looked awesome and tough at the same time. So how come its the God mountain? I asked James. He explained that the locals believed that the white snow on the peaks looked like the white feathers of an ostrich. You are probably thinking what an ostrich has to do with God. The locals call God Mwenenyaga. That translates to the Owner of The Ostrich. Now you know. We ate our cold sandwiches at a point called Picnic Rock. It was a transition between the not-so short hard climb we had done and long but easy trek ahead. From this point, I was able to have a clear view of the base towns on the south-west, west and north-west of the mountain. Thats the Mackinders Camp over there. Our good guide told us. We made it!! my younger brother could not hide his joy. He was only 9 years old and I have got to say he was really doing great on this hike. The guide said the youngest kid to ever hike the mountain was 6 years old but he only reached Old Moses camp, 3010m above sea level, just like Met Station. In fact, Ali was the first kid at his age to reach an altitude of 4300m on the mountain. Thats quite an achievement, I thought. It was a long 13 miles worth of acute altitude climb and although James advised for an early bedtime, we stayed awake for a little longer to chat with other tourists that had arrived earlier. There was this 78-year old American who really inspired me with his courage and determination to overcome his age and hike up Mt.Kenya. I wish I make it to 70, leave alone climb a mountain at the age I though. Only a few minutes guys and you will be at the top of Point Lenana James told us. It was 6 am on the third day, the summit day. We had covered over 700 meters worth of altitude change for the last 3 hours. It is always good to climb slowly so that you get acclimatized with the altitude as James had put it. The sky was turning orange with the sunrise. I was sweating because of the tones of warm clothes I had on, but also knew I would freeze if I didnt have as much. A few minutes later, we were taking photos on the third highest point on Mt.Kenya. Yeah! We made it! I shouted, with the echo following shortly. The sun raised on the eastern horizon a couple of minutes later. That was the most beautiful scene I had scene on that trip. As a matter of fact I dont think there is any other scene more beautiful than that I had ever laid my eyes on. The forest cover could be seen all round the mountain. There was a faint view of cars far down in the roads below. All the towns around the mountain could be seen laying lazily in the horizon. The Aberdares in the west seemed like a hill from up this gigantic mountain. More tourists followed and after a couple of minutes, the place was flooded with people, all taking photographs. On the western side of the peak lay the highest points, Batian and Nelion. These needed technical rock and ice climbing skills to be tackled. Between them lay the Darwins Glacier with smoothly stretched downhill to the base of the giant peaks. Thats for another day I said to myself. The journey downhill was by far much easier than the uphill climb. It took us about 6 hours to reach Met Station and after a lunch bite we proceeded downhill for another two and half hours to the parks entrance. We were so tired but happy at the same time. The car ride to the hotel was all we needed. Our clothes were covered with mud and for the first time I thought dirt is good, for the experience up there was one to last for a lifetime, unless I hit my head and suffer from amnesia that is. We thanked James for his guidance and support all through the 3 days of hiking. He was full of knowledge and information about the mountain and life in general. He could be a cool teacher, just like mine back home I thought. Teacher or not, it would have been hell if he wasnt around especially the third summit day. Well as we relaxed in the hotel swimming pool the next day, I had time to view the whole trip up the mountain. Achievement comes with a price, pain and determination. It was through those two that I made it up there. It was trough the same that my younger brother carries a record of the youngest Mt. Kenya hiker to make it to 4970 meters above sea level. Thats quite something.

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Management accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Management accounting - Essay Example 78). A firm cannot function efficiently without management since it is a core factor, which determines the profitability of the firm. The article highlights clearly that in the modern society numerous individuals hardly understand how the modern management operates in the firm, and this could be a dangerous situation. The world today is built through the effort of all the human beings who work together to ensure key developments occur in the society. Management is obviously ubiquitous since it is vital in all firms, and individuals should understand that it did not just evolve: it was through an invention in the early 1800 (Hoskin & Macve, 1990, p. 845). It is evident that management has played a role in the development of recent businesses since it is related with the culture of ‘managerialism’. Management is equivalent to disciplinary power: this is the only culture that ensures a business runs efficiently. According to Hoskin and Macve (1990, p. 845), evidently, this form of power was invented in the early 1800’s and was later transferred into the business section in the 1840’s. A majority of businesses had not taken shape in those days, but since the introduction of management most of the businesses took shape. Management is a power which is double sided since it runs the organization, and at the same time runs individuals through implementing efficient disciplinary systems. This system controls both the external and internal operations of a firm. In addition, it is a power that develops constantly and improves the organizational systems through knowledge from the expertise in the field of management. The structure of the organization in the modern businesses is highly sophisticated since there is the presence of the line, staff, divisional and matrix in the structure, although the basics of management are constant. Chandler (1977, p. 234) explains that organizations operate through written instructions, both in paper and online, which form a powerful tool for managing an organization in the world at the moment. He further indicates that modern managerialism is impossible without finances and financial numbers. The key functions necessary in the firm include accounting systems, management and financial costs. The structure of the firm has an overall manager referred to as the Chief executive officer (Chandler, 1977, p. 234). The CEO further has a general manager, or two directors, in addition to other managers from various departments reporting directly to the position. The managers include the finance, accounts, human resource, marketing, and research and development manager. Most of the firms have supervisors who report to managers, also known as line managers. According to review by Hoskin & Macve (1990, p. 839), managerial accounting practices in the modern firm originated from the teachings in the military in the early 1800, which were used during the US civil war. Holman (2003, p. 234) supports the arg ument and observes that the accounting practices utilized in the civil war are similar to the practices carried out in the modern business. The process of carrying out managerial accounting included the management of all expenses in relation to men and materials. In the US civil war, all the army accounting clerks and the quartermasters were educated on all matters relating to all the principles of accounting. The basics of the study